When can you use the feature - One Time Check on the 56 Secure app?

Here's when and how you can use the feature - One Time Check

You can request our guard to do any favor for FREE at your property.

Here's how other subscribers make use of the One Time Check feature:

  • Close/Open the main gate
  • Bring emergency medication
  • Clear the house entrance
  • Clear public nuisance
  • Switch lights on the porch
  • Check if doors and windows are locked properly 
  • Check on elders, pets, and kids at your home
  • Check if the vehicles are locked

Once you place a request, our guard completes the task and sends you pictures within 2 hours for your peace of mind.

Want to quickly check anything at your property, try One Time Check!

To learn how to use this feature on our app tap on the link below👇

One Time Check Tutorial