What all can your AI camera do?

The 56 AI Camera can do a lot.

The 56 AI Camera is very smart and can do a lot.

But in a nutshell, our camera can:

AI Detection

The camera can differentiate between known people, unknown

people, pets, and vehicles.

Facial Recognition

Add up to 200 known users into your database.

Real-time Updates

Automatically get live alerts about any activity detected by

your camera as they happen.

Smart Reports From Footage

Get detailed reports every day based on the time of day.

Capture and visualize color coded events for easy monitoring.

1080P & Starlight Night Vision

Identify a objects and faces whether it is day or night.

Local Processing & Storage

Never have any concerns about your privacy. The feed from

your cam stays on your cam unless there is an alert.

2-way Communication

Inbuilt mic and speaker allows you to interact from your phone

through the camera.

AI Detection Zone

Track events from your camera from a specific area of the


AI Siren

Automatically set off a built-in 100dB siren when the camera

detects a person, pet or car.